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One Day or Multi-day wildlife photography hide sessions in Spain

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Fly to Spain and photograph some of the the rich and wonderful Iberian fauna.

We offer you the chance to photograph many of the wonderful animals that roam the Spanish landscape from the comfort of a specially built photography hide. Photograph the majestic golden eagle or the black and griffon vulture. Capture the wild cat, Iberian lynx, marten, imperial eagle, kingfisher, Bonelli’s eagle, and many more wonderful animals that will surprise you from these comfortable specialised observatories.

Why book with us?

We have access and special deals with owners of wildlife photography hides in numerous locations across the Iberian Peninsula.

Photo hide sessions are available from one day or multiple days. After each day in the hides, we will enjoy some delectable Spanish gastronomy. 

All accommodation is provided in comfortable hotels close to the working area.

Best times for photography

The most suitable times for our photo hide sessions would be spring, autumn and winter. These hides are very popular and often get booked out quickly. In order to secure a spot, it is important to book in advance for the species you are most interested in photographing.

For more information or to make a booking, please use the form here or contact us via email or telephone. Remember that wildlife sessions can also be combined with any of our private photo tours.

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majestic golden eagle - black and griffon vulture - Wild cat - Iberian lynx

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Here are just some of the beautiful animals you can photograph

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