Andalusia Photography Tour & Workshop

Photograph the unique Andalusian landscape & culture

A photography workshop & Tour in the colourful region of Andalusia

Come and experience the beautiful landscapes and fascinating culture of Andalusia in Spain. Improve your skills while photographing sweeping vistas and colourful people on this unique photography workshop and tour.

A unique part of Spain

Andalusia is one of the most interesting regions of Spain, where its breathtaking landscapes and scenery blend together with some of the most delicious food that Spain has to offer.

Its consistently mild weather gives people more chances to enjoy life. There are not many places in Europe where you can find so much diversity as Andalusia.

Ryan Kessler
Ryan Kessler
Daniel is a magnificent photo guide. He is relentless in the pursuit of beautiful light and can bring you to wonderful locations in Spain. Daniel also makes helpful suggestions on framing and is a great second set of eyes to locate other areas of interest. He is very fun and full of life, I highly recommend hiring him!
Христина Вертилецька
Христина Вертилецька
Great photo tours that you won't find anywhere else. You will discover new incredible landscapes that are not common, you will get unforgettable pleasant experiences and many impressive photos.

Workshop Details


7 days


€4800 - (€600 deposit)

Transport Included

Transport is provided on all workshop days.

Accommodation Included

6 nights en-suite single occupancy.

Small Groups

Maximum of 6 participants.
Private tours on specific dates are also available on request.


Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional photographer, we want you to get the best photos on our tours & workshops. Every participant will get individual guidance.




The average spring temperature is around 23ºC, autumn 26ºC and winter 15ºC

Colourful landscapes, coast and people

Sand, sea, forests and desert

Hundreds of miles of coastline, forests, deserts and some of the most beautiful cities in the world make Andalusia the one place to go crazy doing photography.

On this trip we will be photographing the most spectacular places such as: Seville, Cadiz and Córdoba, three different provinces with a lot of treasures within. We’ll be shooting inland sunsets, coastal sunsets, night cityscapes, seascapes, cork tree forests, beautiful villages, and much more.

Fascinating architecture

Because of its geographical situation, Andalusia has always been an important part of Europe. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans – who called the area Baetica – shaped much of the historical background.

It was during Roman rule that the area became Christian but, after this finished, the Vandals and Visigoths held control until, in 711, the Moors and Berbers invaded and made Andalusia their own. It was at this time that Granada and Córdoba became Spain’s most important cities.

Food and culture

On this photography adventure we will travel through some of the most impressive places in Andalusia, shooting a multitude of landscapes and a great part of its famous historical heritage through several provinces. We will taste their extraordinary traditional food, some of Spain’s most popular dishes.

Spring and autumn colours

April and September are the best times to photography Andalusia. In springtime the landscape smells sweet in this land full of contrasts and in September the light turns golden.


Picture yourself here

Come and join me for this wonderful and unique Andalusia photography tour and workshop.

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