La Rioja Photography Tour & Workshop

Photograph orchards, vineyards, semi deserts and rivers

A photography workshop & Tour in the wine region of North Spain

Learn photography amid the scenic landscape of La Rioja in Northern Spain while photographing the picturesque vineyards, rivers and monasteries of my homeland on this photography workshop and tour.

Glistening Vineyards & Rivers

Join me in my homeland on my La Rioja photography tour & workshop.

La Rioja is simply beautiful and breathtaking. It contains all the ingredients needed to be classified as one the most original Spanish landscapes.

Famed for its wines, La Rioja still has a lot more to offer beyond wine. Here you will find a diverse land of orchards, vineyards, semi deserts and rivers which are in stark contrast to the towering Iberian mountain range seen in the background. All this makes La Rioja one of the most picturesque places in Northern Spain.

Ryan Kessler
Ryan Kessler
Daniel is a magnificent photo guide. He is relentless in the pursuit of beautiful light and can bring you to wonderful locations in Spain. Daniel also makes helpful suggestions on framing and is a great second set of eyes to locate other areas of interest. He is very fun and full of life, I highly recommend hiring him!
Христина Вертилецька
Христина Вертилецька
Great photo tours that you won't find anywhere else. You will discover new incredible landscapes that are not common, you will get unforgettable pleasant experiences and many impressive photos.

Workshop Details


6 days


€4200 - (€600 deposit)

Transport Included

Transport is provided on all workshop days.

Accommodation Included

5 nights en-suite single occupancy.

Small Groups

Maximum of 6 participants.
Private tours on specific dates are also available on request.


Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional photographer, we want you to get the best photos on our tours & workshops. Every participant will get individual guidance.


Low. An experience with little physical effort and a lot of scenic expectation.


The average spring temperature is around 15ºC, autumn 16ºC & winter 7ºC

Picturesque landscapes

Alhama Vallery, La Rioja, Spain
Alhama Vallery, La Rioja, Spain

Small but diverse

It’s true to say this region is small, occupying about one percent of Spain. But its potential for casting impressions could not be greater. It has excellent examples of almost all of nature’s manifestations, not only from the natural heritage of Spain but also as a sample of the natural environments of the continent.

A great diversity of climates and structural formations converge here. The result is an intensity of forms that enable us to view the principal ecosystems of not less than 35 percent of the various habitats of the Iberian peninsula.

Magnificent monasteries

After nature, also historical sites make up a serious part of this famed wine region. The majestic Yuso and Suso Monasteries are a good example of this, and furthermore this sacred site keeps within its walls the first and eldest Spanish words ever written down.

Of the 209 monasteries in Spain, only 7 are truly significant, and the Yuso monastery in Rioja is listed in that group.

Yuso Monastery, La Rioja, Spain
Yuso Monastery, La Rioja, Spain
Rioja and Ebro River, La Rioja, Spain
Rioja and Ebro River, La Rioja, Spain

A rich and vibrant landscape

In other words, La Rioja has a large concentration of beauty around the whole region, from the famous vineyards to the natural and historical riches. All these riches flow down from the tops of Sierra de la Demanda range to the multicolour slopes of vines and its villages and stop right at the banks of the Ebro river.  All of it for you to discover

Valleys, Rivers & Forests

We will mainly focus on the region’s famous vineyard landscapes during the autumn and spring, followed by the some of the most scenic spots which include different valleys, forests and mountains. We will also visit a canyon, griffon vultures and red soil cliffs in lower Rioja.

Additionally, we will have the chance of taking great shots of monasteries, picturesque villages, and some of the oldest Spanish wineries.

Brinas in Autumn, La Rioja, Spain
Brinas in Autumn, La Rioja, Spain
Pazuengos Horses, La Rioja, Spain
Pazuengos Horses, La Rioja, Spain

Picture yourself here

Come and join me for this wonderful and unique photography tour and workshop.

La Rioja is my homeland, and I am looking forward to showing you the wonderous beauty it has to offer, and of course the chance to taste its best wines.

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